Las Vegas – how to prepare

Bonjour everyone! Now I do wish I was traveling out of the country but that is not the case. I am actually heading out to Las Vegas tomorrow morning. I wanted to share with you how I prepared for this trip.

This is not the first time I am visiting Las Vegas, however, it is the first time I am planning and looking forward to the nightlife.

I asked my friends and family who have had that experience what clubs they recommended. I brought it down to Light Mega-Club, Hakkasan, and Omnia and registered under their guest list to have a short wait time.


OUTFITS! My favorite when it comes to traveling because it is a love hate moment. I seriously wish I could take my entire closet with me. I am excited to say that for the first time that I am traveling I did not go out to buy a single item!! I completely packed from clothes items straight out of my closet, how crazy is that?

I did have new items in my closet I had purchased weeks even months ago, but that doesn’t necessarily count.

I started checking weather since last week and it seems it will be chilly like it has been when I’ve gone in November. My outfits were chosen accordingly to the weather. (more details on my outfits next week)


My boyfriend calls me crazy for the amount of shoes I am taking for 3 days, he might be right but I can’t be wrong 😉 Royce seems to agree by the look of his face.


Also, I have always loved making a list of what I am actually wearing each day of the week. Trust me that helps! You might not follow it during the travel but it definitely helps.


Last, I also make a checklist to make sure that as I am packing I don’t forget my essentials.

Hope you like my tips on prepping for my trip. If you have any questions please ask

Next week’s blog post will have details on my outfits.



ps.Royce isn’t too happy I am leaving him behind.



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