Look at the Bright Side

Look at the bright side

Hey there! I am a college student and so are lots of my friends. I hope these tips help everyone who’s reading this that is also a college student or you can pass the tips to someone who is.

First thing is first, look at the bright side! There is a break ahead of us and this also means all our semester long hard work will be given credit towards our degree.


RUN: I don’t know about you but running is amazing! Start your morning with a jog and enjoy the fresh air, sunrise and my favorite, a freshly squeezed orange juice.


LIST: Like I mentioned in a previous post, I write everything down. I start off by making a list of my final assignments for each class and the ones with the due date go on top of the list. Make a calendar color code, make your “to-do list” fun!


STUDY BUDDY: If you need someone to help you defiantly ask a class-mate they may need the help as much as you do. You can also get with a friend who is not in your class but will help you stay on track like taking your phone away from you! Pause social media.


KNOW YOURSELF: If you haven’t already realized it, we all have a learning style. I am a visual learner. Find what best helps you. You can make flashcards, re-write topics, read your notes to yourself or out loud, or create examples.


EAT– It is important that you are having your three meals a day with snacks in between to avoid head aches.


SLEEP: Its going to be a hectic week if not weeks depending how long you have until your finals. I am a week away but I always try to keep my same sleeping routine because it would be awful to get sleepy right when you start studying.


During your study time have:

  • img_8084-copyCoffee
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Highlighters
  • Chargers
  • Flashcards

AND a comfortable outfit >Yoga pants and a big comfy shirt never fail!


Good luck!!! Be on BOSS mode like Royce’s shirt.

-Jazzy N Royce



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