“If you have a dream don’t let anyone take it away from you” – Selena Quintanilla

 Such a beautiful soul that was taken away from Earth too soon but her legacy remains alive. Despite the years she still lives among her fans, Selena Quintanilla was born in Texas, which is where I am currently living. However, even before I moved here I grew up listening to her music. Not only did she become a role model to many young woman, her music touch so many hearts, she earned the title “Reyna del Tex-Mex” – “Queen of Tejano”,AND she was a fashion designer!!! There is an endless list of all the reasons why she was amazing.

Switching it a bit let me add that wearing hats is my number one essential when it comes to traveling, but I wear them all the time. It’s the easiest way to hide my “long-hair-don’t-care” and to me, having my hat on means getting things done.

Combining Selena and a hat was such an incredible idea. Daniel Montelongo blew my mind with this creation.

I will be wearing my hat nonstop.

As I wore it here with a basic black long-sleeve it was a chilly cold day but its Houston so ripped jeans was the perfect match since the weather had a breeze yet it could also get somewhat hot. Texas weather is too difficult to explain.

Any who, I love hats, but I love purses more and I went crazy when I realized my Gucci purse matched the Selena on my hat!


I hope you like this errands outfits with my Selena hat, you can get yours here.



Jazzy N Royce


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  1. Your bag is so cute! Love your outfit ❤


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