Ice-Cream and Boots

Wow! I am super late. When I said I was going to clean and organize I did not think it would take me 48 hours to do it! Any who, I hope your excitement for the Holidays has increased since we are now closer to the day. As you have noticed, I made a huge make over to my blog, including the fact that it is no longer “Jazzy N Royce”. Don’t get sad, he’ll still be around from time to time. As promised I am going to give details on the outfit I wore to catch up with a friend and enjoy ice cream.

As you can see, I thought it was going to be cold since that is how it felt in the morning. Houston is Houston, by the time we made it to our destination the sun was shining bright and instead of coffee we ended up grabbing an ice cream cone.

The first thing I grabbed out of my closet was my fur vest I purchased last year. You can find similar ones here. I knew for sure I wanted to wear it but I didn’t want jeans or a skirt. At the back of my closet I found my white skinny slacks I bought at Express.  The colors were both light and I wanted to make it bold, so I grabbed my purple long sleeve which is also from Express and to balance the colors out I wore my grey boots. The funny thing about these boots is that sometimes they look light other times they look dark. You can find similar ones here. Hope this light and dark colors outfits helps you get yours together for an ice cream, coffee, or movie date.




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  1. palettepop says:

    Love the outfit! Well put together!


    1. Thank you! Really means a lot to me :*

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