National Roots Day -2016

Happy Friday and happy Christmas eve, eve. Most Hispanics begin to celebrate since the 24th and continue on past 12 am, I have been a part of that tradition and today is also National Roots Day. Let me tell you that I can go on and on about my origins and how proud I am to be a Latina.

I was born to immigrant parents in Los Angeles, California.  I grew up visiting Mexico many many times ,it has always been a part of my life. My parents are from the state of Zacatecas which is like Texas being a state of the U.S. img_9582I love waking up in Mexico because I walk to the Mercado (open-air market) to get my freshly squeezed orange juice in a plastic baggy.I also get to drive a 4-wheeler .1079065_587955004575986_2083579617_oIt has beautiful landmarks, this one here is named “Los Arcos” (The Arches). It is one of my favorites because when it was falling apart my father (r.i.p) donated and funded the repairs and it now continues to stand and serves to the public. Last summer I was able to jog around them, I felt blessed.

13708357_1148432755194872_9220023768513978022_oimg_9940I can literately survive eating tacos! I just realized I’ve never taken a picture of my plate, possibly because I eat them in 2 seconds . (oops)

noDuring the day I walk for ice-cream, fruit in a cup, churro or lemonade. They’re snacks that simply don’t taste the same here in the U.S.

13707764_1147377891967025_2939792141713456983_nWhere I am from, it has been a tradition to go muddying every single Wednesday of the year. I was finally able to experience that this past summer and it was so much fun. photoescudo_informacion_practica_de_nochistlan_zacatecas_header_nochistlan

At the end of the day, to be honest, as much as I love the physical beauty of it and the delicious food, what I love the most is that it is in this town that my parents were born, raised and fell in love in. It is the prove of true love, they had the courage to leave such a beautiful town and country to give my brothers and I a better life.

I am blessed to be a Mexican-American. I love being an American, the U.S. has given me so much to be grateful for, but I never forget where I come from.


Family is the most important thing to me; hope you enjoy Christmas with yours.










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