Endless Mall Visits


Houston Malls (my second home)

I am blessed to live right at the heart of Houston and many malls surround me. This week I went to Memorial City Mall, Houston Galleria, Deerbrook Mall and Baybrook Mall all back to back. I can never turn the mall down when I am invited. I realized I should share how I think is the best way to dress to make your visit to the mall comfy and successful.

As you have noticed, my hair is really long and I love braiding it. I quickly braided my hair to the side no jewelry or accessories. To keep it simple and girlie.

A loose or fitted dress as I wore here will do the trick, it’s best to go in a dress because it helps you easily slip on pants, shorts, or any other dress at the fitting room. I added my long cardigan since my dress was fitted and also because I get cold easily. After trying on things and walking here and there it can get hot and you can also tie it around your waist and it still looks fashionable.

Next you want comfy shoes for the walking from end to end of the mall. I don’t judge women who go in heels to the mall, as a matter of fact I’m impressed. I like to keep it very comfortable and something I can easily slip on and off. Let me tell you a secret, Coach shoes fit me a bit loose so that’s why I can slip them on and off no worries to tie shoelace but you can also wear sandals or flats.

Last but not least your purse. My favorite item. A cross body will always be your best friend at the mall because it allows your hands and arms to be free. I am loving my Henri Bendel because of how much it can fit yet how little it can also be.

I recommend a mid size like mine to have your wallet, cellphone, and water and possibly even coupons!

I love to share my preferences but I also like giving you other ideas to help you put together what you most feel comfortable in.

I hope it helps!




Dress & Cardigan Forever 21 | Crossbody Henri Bendel | Shoes Coach


PS. Henri Bendel is having it’s Semi-Annual Sale, Coach has %50 of and use the Forever code : Extra30 😉



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  1. Great tips babe 🙂 going to the mall definitely calls for a certain type of shopping outfit ahaha!


    1. It sure does!!! After going multiple times I realized this is the perfect style to go for! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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