Goal Digger-Go Getter


Setting goals is easy, anyone can say, “I want this, I will do this..” but do you actually get it done? . . . You probably start it but most of the time its easier to just give up than to go that extra mile.

I started working at a young age, just like any teenage girl the best job was to babysit.


As a sophomore in High School I spent my weekend nights babysitting for a good pay. This was my chance to start getting everything I wanted (what I wanted at that moment). I had worked the winter break prior to that but I spent my entire check on a Coach purse. Remember I am a purse lover. Anyways so back to my babysitting money, I honestly did not want to go buy ONE thing and see my money gone like I had the year before. I decided to make a list of all that I wanted and how much it cost. Please do not laugh at my lists, I was young and living with my mother who is a widow-single parent since then I wore handy-downs from my cousins and would buy stuff occasionally. Off-track again so yes, I would make a list, something similar to this :

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 11.25.03 AM.png (I quickly made this list the items are random of what I can remember wanting at that age)

I would list out the items I wanted on the left side, the total amount of money I would need on the far right side . The chart would be printed at school and with pencil I would right down how much I currently had. As I added more money I would erase and update.



I found paper clips at home that I used to paperclip the money being gather for each individual item of the list with a little paper attached with the name of it.


Every time I got paid, I would split up my money. $5-$10 for my pocket – “One must ALWAYS enjoy the present while striving for the future” and the rest was split up among all the things I wanted.

Sometimes I saved more for one item than the other because I either wanted it more or I needed it sooner.

I have always been told, “ Stop saving just go buy what you want” My answer is NO. This is what best works for me, I find it exciting, its motivational and it helps me value my money, what I actually want and my job.

As I grew older the type of things I wanted changed, I wanted and needed more stuff. I soon began to find more little jobs here and there and the routine continued.

I can guarantee you that if you try this method, regardless of what your age is or what your income can be, you will get what you want and appreciate it more when do you.


I live by “ I get what I want, one way or another”2a73776177c9c9af5d0d796bf59acd28

I hope this helps you achieve your goal if you’re trying to purchase a laptop, car or even plan a trip. This method really works for me. If you have any more questions fell free to email herlovelyjournal@yahoo.com.

Love always,


Disclaimer: All images are from google.com except the actual list is my screen shot.


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  1. Her Digital says:

    These are fantastic tips for saving! Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Hope it helps! You’re very welcome 🙂


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