Make it a Plus


Hi there ! Happy Tuesday or Happy Monday for those who started their week today. I wanted to share my thoughts on the iPhone 7 Plus I recently purchased.

I have been up for an upgrade since November of 2016 but I was just procrastinating my visit to Verizon. Part of my schedule being a conflict with the store hours I couldn’t decide on the iPhone 7 plus or regular 7. I kept pushing that conversation to the side. (you know the conversation in your head where you talk to yourself 😉 )

I decided to go in Friday and to be honest I walked in there without thinking much anymore and said, “ I will like to upgrade to the iPhone 7 plus in matte”. There was no turning back and I LOVE it.

One of my main concerns was the size of it in my tiny hand but its actually good!


As you can see in the picture above, its nearly the size of the pen. I enjoy watching Netflix a lot more now. The fact that it is big (yet perfect) officially keeps it off my hands while driving and that my friends is a PLUS.

Having a bigger screen is defiantly coming in handy as a blogger. Let alone the quality of its camera. I haven’t taken many pictures but I wanted to share these here. I have only owned the phone for roughly 72 hours so these are the pictures I have.img_2250a-jpg

Just look at the depth of field in this picture of my baby Royce. It allows me to admire the details in his adorable face. As a photographer, having a phone that does this is priceless.Seriously, please take a moment to stare at the picture! Can’t wait to see what other images I capture like this.





Side-track, but here’s a little secret: I am not good at applying make-up. I try my best but I never get it to look “professional”. Anyways we can talk about that another time, with this phone selfie I felt like my make-up was at its best.








The camera really did capture my face exactly as it was being seen in person. The images are not being filtered at all. Even the roots of my hair is showing!! ahh!!!





Bottom line is, I recommend this phone to every blogger out there! Considering that I have a Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, having an iPhone is a MUST. The camera is the quality of it that I am obsessing over because as I mentioned, I am a photographer and it is the biggest difference from a regular sized iPhone to the iPhone 7 Plus.

I cannot wait to capture part of my travels with it and stay connected not only with you but with my friends, family and life!


(I was not driving)

Love always,



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