The Dress Challenge

Woah! This week sure did fly! I know that is because I am back on my robotic routine since the Spring Semester has initiated. The good news is that it is my last semester and I shall be graduating in May.(exciting unbelievable moment) I hope your week was as successful as mine.

Part of the fact that there is so much change in my life coming soon I was inspired to do an in-depth cleaning in my closet. From time to time I clean my closet, meaning I take clothes out that may no longer fit or I simply wont wear again. This time, I really want to take out what I haven’t worn and will not wear ever! I shared on my Facebook Page that because of this, I challenged myself to wear a dress everyday of this week. (Monday-Friday) These are the ones I chose.

mondayMonday- It was a beautiful Martin Luther King Day, the sun was really shining and the weather overall was just perfect. I wore this flowery navy blue dress that had been sitting in my closet for over a year with tags! Since the day I purchased it I knew I wanted to wear it with my western boots because of the beautiful embroidery on the top by my chest. The dress came with the belt that matched my boots perfectly all I added were gold earrings with a vintage/antique style. My hair was put into a bun to allow the top of my dress stand out.

tuesdayTuesday- The weather completely changed! It was cloudy and scattered rain here and there. That was perfect though because I woke up knowing I wanted to wear my over-the-knee boots and I knew I wanted to pair them with a dress. What better dress than my little black one that never fails me. It is short sleeved therefore, I added this blue cardigan I love combined with brown and simply grabbed the first scarf that stood out.

thursdayThursday- Today! This was my favorite dress two years ago! Yes TWO. I know I keep my clothes that long but this was the last time. It fit a bit shorter than usual which means I have to say Adios. I wore my black wedges and black short cardigan to keep it professional but I added a light pink belt to brighten it up. I also added light pink earrings and necklace since my hair was held up again.

fridayFriday- For tomorrow I will be wearing this dress I adore as well with black wedges and a couple of bracelets. Since the dress has the color red as it’s pop up I will be wearing tiny red studs and red lip-gloss. If it continues to rain I might added a black or red blazer.

I did skip Wednesday and that is because it nearly flooded in Houston! I will not pretend that I wore a dress because I did not!

I hope you can challenge yourself into wearing a certain style of items from your closet. You might come to realize what no longer should be taking space in your closet 😉

Love always,



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