Happy Valentine’s Day loves!! Today is all about love and friendship. Just like any day we should always share love with our partner, friends, family and even strangers! In honor that I recently celebrated my seventh anniversary with my partner I decided to share with you seven different date ideas that we both find to enjoy so much. We’ve been together for seven years, it is really important to remind each other how much you love and care for one another. Always make the other person feel special and appreciated. Here is what we enjoy.


1. Road trips- It doesn’t matter if we are doing a two hour or a six hour trip I enjoy the solo time we have. How one conversation leads to the next. As a matter of fact it was in a road trip that he told me he would like our first puppy’s name to be Royce and ta-da a year later we had Royce, totally unplanned.
2. Picnic- One of my favorite picnics was the one we had at a park in Galveston. I took chicken salad, sandwiches and chips. It was nice to sit and enjoy nature after our walk down the beach.
3. Morning jog + breakfast- This is a funny one. We may go for a morning walk/jog trying the early healthy date but we always end up at Waffle House or IHOP.
4. Kemah Boardwalk- The last time we went there was a live band, the sun was steaming hot, and the ambiance was lovely. We didn’t get on the rides (my choice) but the walk and food was enjoyable.
5. Dress-up Dinner- No need for a fancy occasion to dress up in gala, just do it! Let the world stare and wonder why you are so happy while you enjoy a dinner in downtown.
6. Houston Zoo- I must admit this is one of my favorites, not really his. I love seeing the animals! Even though he doesn’t enjoy it as much he ends up being interested in the animas too!
7. Car wash + fruit- If you don’t want to go out that is fine! Help each other wash your cars and eat fruit. We do this a lot in the summer. Royce (our puppy) gets to spend time with us like this! Before you know it the evening is gone.

There is much more we do but these were the 7 I wanted to share with you. I hope it inspires you next time you want to go on a date ☺




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