Lenovo Laptop


Hi there! Happy Tuesday:) As I plan to move forward and share random life-style tips every Tuesday today is about a recent purchase I made that I had shared on my Instagram story.

I purchased this white Lenovo Laptop at Best Buy for only $150! It was the perfect deal and to top it off it came with free Microsoft access from the day of purchase until August. Let me rewind a little. I currently use a Apple Macbook Pro which is GREAT but I was interested in purchasing an additional


laptop that was slimmer and lighter in weight to carry in my backpack. I prefer to purchase my electronics at Best Buy which is where I went. This Lenovo laptop caught my attention because of it’s color, weight and size. I loved it and the price was not bad at all. I asked questions and it was perfect, good to go.

Do you recall that I went to California for a day? I took it with me and it was also great for travel. Unfortunately I had to return it. I was mainly using it for written assignments and I did not like the keyboard. I simply preferred the touch-feel of a Mac. That was the only reason why I decided to get my money back.

In summary, I do recommend it.  Do not get me wrong, it was worth it’s price. If you need a small laptop and doesn’t want to spend much it will be a good purchase. I however, will stick to Mac, which means that I will be saving for a new Macbook.  That will happen as I follow my very own tips on how to save money 🙂

Click here to read more about money saving tips.


Love ,


*Pictures were taken from the Best Buy page – this is MY personal opinion and experience




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