Interview Ready

Happy almost Friday! We’ve always heard that first impressions matter right? In a way that is very true, especially for an interview. Regardless of the type of job you have applied for, your first impression gives a lot away to the person you are meeting with. I’m a strong believer that the best accessory is your confidence, walk in with all the positive thoughts. What gives you confidence? Please say your outfit!!!!

The perfect outfit for an interview (or even a day at the office)


I love wearing black or white, or black and white. If you recall I wore these 2 same colors in ‘Little Black Shorts‘. So , I did it again, this time I paired a white blouse with a knee length pencil skirt. A pencil skirt is a must own item for your closet! I am wearing it here as a professional outfit but I have also worn it with a crop top at night 😉 You might wanna add this to your shopping list if you don’t own one yet. I do have a curvy body, therefore, in my opinion high-waisted bottoms are always the best. Not only do my hips have a ‘moment to shine’ but length is also brought to my petite legs.


These super cute and short heels are perfect for the interview. They were a gift from my sissy. Her and I share such great taste for fashion. img_0054

The details in the heels go amazing with the top knot of my blouse. I am obsessed with turtle neck shirts and this blouse gives a turtle neck style in a highly professional way. IMG_0055.jpg

To add color to my outfit I quickly chose my most recent added to the purse collection cross-body I mentioned in last week’s post, my tile blue Kate-Spade


Blouse :Forever 21 | Pencil Skirt: Image| Heels: Gift | Purse: Kate Spade

Now, don’t forget to reschedule your busy agenda and make it on time to your interview.

Best of luck! -For an interview or any day at work




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