Fun times and tan lines

Hello!! Happy Friday! This week completely flew in a blink of an eye. I am glad that’s not how it happened with my Spring Break. I hope everyone who’s already had their break enjoyed it, mine was last week. I started by having a couple of days to relax and run errands as I prepared for my trip to Cancun.

I finally made it to Cancun, my first time there. The water is absolutely beautiful! W-O-W clear blue PERFECT water and the sand felt so good in between my toes.

As a Latina, proud Mexican, I have been to Mexico plenty of times and this did not feel like Mexico. There was a diverse population all with the same goal- to have a good time away from reality.

The hotel we stayed at was all-inclusive I swear I couldn’t stop eating their fruit & dessert!

Very little time was I actually fully dressed.

I felt like a little girl trying to wear my swimsuits all at once on the same day. It was very difficult to pick one each day. I hope you enjoy what I came up with!

Red high waist 2-piece gave me 80s vibes with my black shades
Something pink and floral for the Isla Mujeres tour
St. Patrick’s day just happened to be the day I wore green 😉
striped bottoms with pink top something simple for the 1st day
This was my absolute favorite!!!! no comments :l
This was also my favorite! First time wearing flare pants at the ankle level.
I was obsessed with my knitted backless black crop top!

IMG_7040.JPGPlease do not underestimate what Mexico has to offer! I loved the adventures I experienced. It was my first but not last time I go to Cancun. I won’t be back too soon since my heart desires to see new locations but I know my return won’t be too far.

If you have any questions or need advice do not hesitate in e-mailing me I will gladly respond.

Places you MUST go during your visit:

XCARET or any of its partnered locations




Love always,





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