Smile Everyday

Happy Tuesday my loves, I just want to share with you how happy and at peace I am in life. I tend to worry and overthink a lot but as of now I am finding peace and simply breathing in and out and allowing God to take over.

I’ve always had very low self-esteem. It’s difficult to explain because I’ve always loved pictures

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 5.11.26 PM
At 5 years old my front teeth – my grill

yet there are things here and there that make me want to hide behind a tree. For example my teeth, as a child I was one of those kids with silver teeth. Yup, that was me!


As my “adult teeth” grew out my front tooth was chipped, not allowing me to smile showing my teeth. In all my pictures I had that sweet, lip closed smile.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.58.09 PM.png
collage created in 2013 notice how my smile changed. no teeth to all teeth

Until finally I got my front tooth fixed and I would not stop smiling to the world. I loved myself 10x more and that’s how it continued until about 2 years ago or so. I really wanted white teeth.

All of a sudden my teeth were getting yellower and yellower by the day. At least that’s how I felt. In my visit to Mexico, my hometown, Zacatecas I went to the dentist and I told him I needed a whitening treatment.

Sure enough he had it for me.

My teeth were molded into these plastic trays to have a perfect fit on my lower and upper IMG_4609teeth. I was given:

  • Plastic trays
  • Toothpaste
  • Gels
  • Containers

This is how it works:

Every night after brushing my teeth with their toothpaste I would inject a tiny drop of gel on to each tooth place.

The 3 images above were taken off

Once both trays had gel I will put them on and sleep.

In the morning I would remove them, rinse them and brush my teeth.

I instantly saw a change. My teeth did get a little bit sensitive with cold drinks and even the air breeze but I am perfectly fine now.

The dentist did recommend I did not drink caffeine or red drinks during the treatment.

Sunday noon before I started the treatment at night 2-19-17
After 2 applications 2-20-17
First selfie feeling alive again! 2-23-17
After 1 week 2-27-17
After 2 weeks 3-5-17
After 4 weeks of no longer using treatment

My teeth are not completely white, not at the level I would like them. However, it is a HUGE change. I can not wait until the Summer to go to Mexico and purchase more gel, I also noticed the brand is in English and I decided to google it and bam! I found it ! Here is the link of the original brand website it is: Opalescence and I found the gel alone in Amazon! a 4 pack for only $20, so yes, it has been ordered and I am waiting “patiently” on its arrival. I do not recall how much I paid for the initial treatment plus it was in Mexican money, pesos.

I decided to share my experience because I would hate to know someone else is going through what I went, my review is 100% my opinion by choice.


Love always,



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