Finding gym energy after a long day

Hey there! I want to share with your how I stay motivated and not quit my workout routines. Before I get into details let me share with you a little of how my day goes.

So first of all let me share with you my athletic persona. I was NEVER a part of a sports team or anything similar as a child. However, I always played at the park while my mom had her aerobics classes. My high school senior year I began to ran everyday of the week and I loved competing against myself and best of all see the results in my body. I FINALLY had a flat stomach. It wasn’t until I enrolled to San Jacinto College at the age of 17 that I began to actually workout at a gym. Again, I loved the results. My body was toned and I felt healthy.

Unfortunately, when I enrolled to the University of Houston-Clear Lake my routine couldn’t continue.

I can take six months consistent, then stop again and it gets crazy because of my jobs and school schedule.

This past summer 2016 I reached the heaviest weight I had ever been. My self-esteem quickly went down. I am a Latina, a Latina with curves. If I don’t take care of myself, trust me I can go down hill quick and before I know it lonjas, (love handles) are there and big.

My friend and I were determined to see a change in out bodies and get healthy again. We started working out at 5 am every single day from late August all the way to November and wow the change occur.

Then the cold weather came and again I lost it.

As of now this is my schedule; I have to clock in at my first job at 6:30 A.M. I clock out at 3 P.M. after that I either to go school or my other job and I end that roughly between 8-10 P.M. depending on the day. I clearly cannot workout at 5 A.M. anymore and I will NOT workout at 3-4 A.M. I need my rest as well you know sleep.

I am determined to workout between 8-10 P.M. whenever I am out of school or work regardless of how exhausted I am. Guess what! I have been sweating my ass off! I hate night workouts, I hate night classes, I LOVE NIGHT BEAUTY SLEEP!

So how do I do it?

  • Always have a good breakfast, never skip it. If you cannot cook make a quick homemade shake, or grab a juice, my favorite is the Naked Juice Orange-Mango flavored or a the instant oatmeal from Quaker.
  • Drink lots of water, yes I hate running to the restroom every 5 min but it is worth it!
  • If you can, meal prep. Eat every 3 hours having a meal, snack, meal snack

With this new job I cannot eat every 3 hours so I have my breakfast, later a fruit or snack, then my lunch , if I can sneak in another lunch otherwise more liquid and around 4 P.M. another meal so I can have energy to workout.

  • I wear a body shaper during the day- most days. Like I mentioned, I have my Latina curves by nature and good genes. With that comes my lonja, I like wearing my body shaper to keep my posture good when sitting at my desk. I purchased my from Shape Me Vane, I absolutely love it, if you go make sure you mention my name 🙂
  • During my workout I use my waist trimmer to help me sweat. I replace it as it gets old since it was only $5 from Wal-mart!
  • I split my Spark on-the-go packs into 3 drinks as my pre-workout, GIVE ME ALL THE ENERGY I CAN GET!!!
  • After my workout I drink my protein. I purchase the chocolate Designer Whey from H-E-B.
  • SLEEP! Please get your rest it is important!

So that is my routine to stay motivated, soon I’ll share my actual workouts. Along with this what keeps me motivated is future plans I want to look and feel good for. I stay planning trips, they are part of my motivation along with events to attend such as my cousin’s wedding coming soon next month!!!

I hope this helps you initiate your workout journey or re-energize your current journey.

If you have any questions please reach out to me.

Love ,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Zayda Cortez says:

    Omg I can’t w you and the “lonja” 😂😂😂 I totally feel you. Great job babe! Two jobs, school and operation come up alllll in the works. Loving the curves 😌


    1. hahaha I am well aware of how my body is, I embrace it 😛 its a busy day everyday in my life lol

      Liked by 1 person

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